About Us

Our service provides information, history, and statistics on vehicle sales for all of the leading salvage car auction portals (Copart, IAAI, Impact Auto Auction).

You can check out exact sales prices, sales history, previous vehicle condition, who the seller is, as well as other useful information. Take a look at this example:


You can check sales history by VIN or lot number, as well as determine the statistical price based on vehicle type, make, model, or year. You can also order a VIN report with detailed information on any vehicle.

Any person dealing with purchases of salvage vehicles from USA or Canada. From car dealers and towing/shipping companies, to body shops and auction brokers. Most importantly, our service always caters to private customers who want to buy a vehicle at a local market or directly from auction.

We’ve aggregated information dating back from 2017 onward. Since 2017, the autoauctionhistory database has compiled tens of millions of records and counting with vehicle history information pertaining to both US and Canadian car auctions (Copart, IAAI, Impact Auto Auction). This number continues to grow every day.

Our terms and conditions are available here: https://autoauctionhistory.com/page-terms/.

We advise you to read this policy before using our service. Please pay special attention to Paragraph 7.2 (which references our requirement of only one user account per person; please do not pass account access or details to other parties).

We may block access to your autoauctionhistory account (and service) if we consider you to have violated or acted in conflict with our terms of service. In most cases, account blocks come from violation of Paragraph 7.2.